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DotCURE Pharmacy


Dotcure pharmacy is not just a chemist’s store. It is a platform of comprehensive outpatient pharma care that combines the enormous wealth of pharmaceutical knowledge which our pharmacists offer, with a massive stock of exclusive medicines. We cater a broad range of essential and latest products that include medicines, supplements, skincare products and vitamins.

We emphasize on personalized patient services. In a market saturated with magnanimous pharmaceutical groups, dotcure pharmacy touches the patients with a professional yet reassuring and distinctive approach. All you need to carry is your prescription.

Home delivery of medicines

If at all you wish to get your medicines delivered to your door, we have a great news for you. We home deliver medicines too. If you are situated within a radius of 10 kms from our pharmacy centers, you can simply post us your prescription and await us to deliver within 24 hours. Moreover, the home delivery service is absolutely free of cost. For more information call or whatsapp us on +91 8235579111 or email us at