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Who We Are


Named after the Canadian physician of world fame, Sir William Osler, Osler Clinic Pvt Ltd is a registered group founded with the prime objective to serve people clinically. The group extends its reach to the masses through DotCure Clinics and DotCure pharmacy. The group uses an approach which comprises of an amalgamation of health services and technology.


dotCURE CLINIC is a chain of smart clinics that empanels experienced doctors & world class virtual technology to address the need of health care in tier 2 & tier 3 cities. We found that it was high time that we improved the broken health delivery system where it matters the most i.e. Primary Care or the entry point of care. Primary care encompasses a massive area in the pre-hospital phase, right from care at home to responding to the day-to-day health requirements.

It is our honest endeavor to cater the advanced clinical services required to bridge the magnanimous gap that exists between the healthcare needs of people and the delivery by medical service providers at present. With the extensive experience of our doctors, we specialize in cardiology, gastroenterology, pediatrics, orthopedics, neurology, gynecology, general medicine, diabetology, nephrology and urology. Our cure-oriented approach gives us a deep insight and comprehension of complex disorders and their path of treatment. That enables us to emphasize on delivering the best options for care and treatment to the patients. Our consultants have treated over 10,000 patients so far.

Our vision is to provide world class treatment at affordable cost. We rigorously work to offer each patient the joy to live ‘the ideal health’ in their daily lives. Our research and development-oriented model assists us to maintain high quality-standards and engage in forward thinking to innovate our clinical delivery and treatment protocol accompanied with persistent training of staffs.

Moreover, our collaboration with different hospital partners for extended services such as emergency or trauma and complex surgeries, major pharmaceutical partners, patient groups and clinical authorities assures the best comprehensive care and experience for the patients and their families visiting our clinics or availing online consultation from anywhere. Every dotCURE CLINIC brings multiple health care services under one roof for individuals, families, communities & corporates.


Dotcure pharmacy is not just a chemist’s store. It is a platform of comprehensive outpatient pharma care that combines the enormous wealth of pharmaceutical knowledge which our pharmacists offer, with a massive stock of exclusive medicines. We cater a broad range of essential and latest products that include medicines, supplements, skincare products and vitamins.

We emphasize on personalized patient services. In a market saturated with magnanimous pharmaceutical groups, dotcure pharmacy touches the patients with a professional yet reassuring and distinctive approach. All you need to carry is your prescription.


If at all you wish to get your medicines delivered to your door, we have a great news for you. We home deliver medicines too. If you are situated within a radius of 10 kms from our pharmacy centers, you can simply post us your prescription and await us to deliver within 24 hours. Moreover, the home delivery service is absolutely free of cost.