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Doctors’ Consultation (Online & Offline)

Visit Osler, Hazaribagh’s leading clinic at two locations, Hazaribagh and Jawanpur. Benefit from the 26 years of skilled medical experience of Osler’s medical fraternity in providing high-quality, friendly and confidential care. Osler clinics offer an extensive range of clinical services that include walk-in, pre-booked OPDs, Day care and medical testing. Whether you need a fast test, a quick face-to-face Doctor’s appointment or an expert’s referral, Osler’s experienced team of Consultants can readily support. The doctors at Osler clinics possess an extensive medical experience from National Hospitals and prominent Healthcare bodies. Over 99% of the patients we treated said that they would strongly recommend us.

Online Consultation

The dire need of online consultation needs no explanation in the virtual times. Moreover, at Osler clinics, we realized that face-to-face clinical appointments are not always a practical approach for patients. In light of the recent Covid-19 outbreak, it might not always be possible to attend a consultation physically or in person.

Osler clinics offer a highly user-friendly and precisely streamlined operations for telemedicine and online consultation with our doctors. If you prefer the convenience of staying back at home and consulting our specialists virtually, you have landed at the right destination.

Our virtual consultation platform provides a safe access to care and support that the patients need. You can smoothly and expediently speak to your doctor over a video call. Osler clinic’s web-based platform is secure and easy to use. You can book an appointment and consult from your smartphones, computers or tablets. A secure internet connection is all you need.

  • Diagnostic services
  • Pharmacy
  • Day care services
  • Nutrition & Diet consultation
  • Nursing care
  • Medical Counselling
  • Physiotherapy
  • Ambulance services
  • Medical equipment (on rental)